Let Tagwager Do The Work For You!

Tagwager lets you categorise your bets in any way you want with a unique bet-tagging system, and puts vital statistics at your fingertips automatically.

No sign-up is required - you can use your existing Google account to get started right now! What are you waiting for?

Less Work, More Data

  • Upload! Import your data in no time flat. Download your bet history from Betfair and import it into Tagwager with just a couple of clicks!

  • Tag and Track! Create tags and apply them to your bets to slice and dice your bet data any way you like. Want to see how your 10-to-1000 challenge is getting along without having to manually remove other bets you have placed? Or easily compare your performance in Premier League picks vs Champions League? Then Tagwager is for you!

  • Visualise! View auto-generated charts to track the performance of your betting. At-a-glance stock-market style graphs let you monitor your performance over time.

  • Analyse! Tagwager autogenerates useful data about your bets as you track them. Create a 'Premier League' tag and Tagwager will tell you which teams you have staked the most on, which team you bet on most frequently, and where you are making the most profit!
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